Katherine Heigl ArtWear

Hi I’m Katherine Heigl. I’ve spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry and have had the good fortune of success I had only ever dreamed of. Now, at this stage of my life and career I’ve been inspired to branch out creatively and fulfill two passions with one fell swoop of my paint brush. I’ve created this line of what I call “artwear” to not only feed my passion to draw, but to also give back to our companion animals in need. I’ve been an animal activist and advocate since 2008 when my mother and I confounded the Jason Debus Heigl foundation. Created in honor of my brother who died as a passenger in a car accident a week to his 16th birthday. In helping to build a legacy for Jason we’ve managed to build one for ourselves as well. A legacy I can be proud of and a legacy I continue to honor in action and in deed. Since establishing the foundation my mother and I have put millions of our own dollars into the cause. We have saved thousands of neglected, abused and abandoned companion pets, but for every animal saved another dies. We have come to understand that we cannot bear the burden of this problem on our shoulders alone. I am hoping that with my line of wearable art you can help us help them. So put your money where your heart is and be an animals hero today. 😊